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Everfit Bathroom Scales Digital Body Fat Scale 180KG Electronic Monitor BMI CAL


Measuring your weight and other health parameters has just become easier with Everfit Body Fat Scale. Equipped with a high-precision sensor system, the body fat scale measures up to seven parameters such as weight, water, body fat, bone, calories, BMI and muscle contents. The measurement range handles up to 180kg or 400lbs in accurate 0.1kg/0.2lbs scale division. The scale also has a durable 6mm tempered glass platform. To use the scale, just set up your personal data, select your profile and step onto the scale. The scale will display the results on the large LCD display after each weigh-in and you can store profiles of up to twelve users. With other great features such as low power/overload indication and auto on/off, the Everfit Body Fat Scale makes keeping track of your health fast and easy.

Body analysis scale
Measures seven parameters
Twelve user records
High-precision sensor system
Ultra slim design
Weigh tracker
Large LCD viewing screen
Auto step on and off function
6mm tempered safety glass platform
Maximum 180kg capacity
Anti-slip base
Two AAA-sized batteries powered (included)
Low battery and overload indication

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 23.5mm
LCD size: 101mm x 52mm
Tempered glass thickness: 6mm
Weight: 1.5kg
Capacity: 5kg/11lbs - 180kg/396lbs
User selectable units: kg/lb
Graduation: 0.1kg
Memory: 12 persons
Function: Weight, Water, Body Fat, Bone, Calorie, BMI and Muscle
Body fat and water percentage differential resolution: 0.1%
Power: 2 x AAA-sized battery (included)
Low battery indicator ? Lo
Overload indicator ?Err
Colour: Black

Package Contents: 
1 x Everfit Body fat scale
1 x Two AAA-sized batteries