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Everfit Steel Weight Barbell 168cm


Home Fitness Barbell Bar 168cm
When you are thinking of joining gym and paying thousands, why not consider getting these basic equipment and have a home fitness session? Simply blast some music or turn on your TV, keep yourself occupied with some easy lifting instead of slacking on the couch and do nothing! Healthy and productive.
Our barbell bar is designed to fit most standard 28mm hole weight plates and able to hold up to 120kg. If you're looking to train up your arm muscles, this is the right one to go for!
Why wait? Get one now to start your build up! Or just simply for firming! Always a good addition at home!

Strong chrome plated steel barbell
Barbell plates distance adjustable from 91cm-105cm
Detachable for easy storage
Designed to fit most standard 28mm hole weight plates
BONUS 2 collars to prevent plate weights from sliding off the bar
Material: Steel w/ chrome coating
Weight: 8kg
Length: 168cm
Diameter: 28mm
Weight capacity: 120kg

Package Contents:
1 x Solid Barbell Bar
2 x Collar